Saturday, 22 July 2017

Amiga Laptop E.M.M.A. Part 4

What I Realised
Looking back at E.M.M.A. I realised I had raised the bar way too high, running OS4.1 Classic on an emulated PPC machine, for the specification of this laptop and that running Amiga OS3.9 would be a better choice for my needs.

What I Wish
The hope of booting straight into Amiga OS3.9 and being able to work on my Hollywood projects, InTune and Star Trek Database, while on the go.

Installation "Sort Of"
I decided to forgo the installation and setup descriptive process, as this has been written about on numerous occasions and on various website. Epsilon in December of 2015 wrote about the process of installing Amiga Forever 2016 and Guru Meditation has a YouTube video showing How to install OS4.1.

Step 1...
Installation of Amiga Forever 7 completed and when run for the first time we are greeted with the very familiar Amiga Forever Launcher and the first thing I did was create a copy of the Workbench 3.x system and rename it E.M.M.A. and change the date to 2017.

Amiga Forever 7 Launcher

Renaming My Configuration to E.M.M.A.

First E.M.M.A. Emulation Session

I know I will eventually be going full screen but thought, for now, I'd resize the screen to give me as much Workbench real estate without it disappearing behind the PC taskbar at the bottom.

ScreenMode Prefs

Right I now have it figured, If I change screen mode to 1366x768, which is the same resolution as E.M.M.A. and then select fullscreen then Amiga Forever takes up the whole screen.

Resizing With ScreenMode Prefs to 1366x768

Selecting Fullscreen

E.M.M.A. in All Her Glory

I am now very excited at how this is going. There are still many things to do. Need to have it boot into this, full screen Amiga Workbench and of course the look and which software to install, etc.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to M. C. Battilana for allowing me the use of Amiga Forever 7 on my pride and joy.

Let's see how far I can take this project, I'd like it to be known I am not trying to compete with A.L.I.C.E.

Michael Holmes

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