Saturday, 17 March 2018

Movie Collection Database

I had the wild idea to use Hollywood Designer to create the software I need, hopefully with a similar interface to MyMovies, is this a good idea? I don't know but working on it should keep me out of trouble for a while.

I use MyMovies on my laptop to catalogue my DVD/Blu-Rays but would like to do this on my Amiga.

MyMovies 5.24

I am aware that other database software for the Amiga already exists, but creating my own would be a blast, if it works.

Blu-Manager created by Pal Ringkilen is one awesome piece of software, but I am biased as I was a tester on the software, for cataloguing Blu-Rays and it has a great interface.

Blu-Manager v0.9

I would like something in between the two, MyMovies has way too much information and, unfortunately, Blu Manager has too little.

I believe movie metadata can be acquired via IMDB and other sites so I assume it should be possible to input the title of the film or the bar code into my software and for the remaining data to be acquired automatically.

If anyone has any insight, suggestions, Hollywood Designer knowledge or thinks I am completely bonkers then please leave some comments below.

Michael Holmes

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  1. Why not just us IMDB? Create an account and then create a list. You can add movies to your list and have all the information on IMDB associated with the movies along with your personal rating and notes. Then it will be accessible from any computer with a competent web browser.