Sunday, 14 May 2017

Interview with Gigi Burdo

1. Hello and welcome from us at BlitterWolf. For our readers could you tell us your name, country and occupation please?
A. Hi, I'm Luigi Burdo, I'm from Italy and I'm in the Iformatic Technology staff for the  Data Governance of one Bank.

Luigi Burdo

2. When was your first experience with the Amiga and what were your thoughts?
A. My first Amiga I was seen was an Amiga 500,  I was 15y old (now I'm 42) and was in a shop of one friend of my father.

3. What Amiga systems do you currently own?
A. Now I have an X5000.

4. How many Amiga systems have you owned in your lifetime?
A. I had in my life all the Amiga classic systems from 500, 600, 1000, 1200, 2000, 3000D, 4000D with 060 and with powerups my best classic machine you can see here about NG I had SAMs 440, 460, the AmigaOne XE G4 and Pegasos 2 1266.

5. Do you prefer using Classic or New Gen hardware?
A. Classic is nostalgic but not for every day ... NG is for do what is need today ;-)

6. What Amiga Operating System between 1.x and 4.x do/did you like to use most?
A. Really hard questions... but for sure I like more the AmigaOS 3.5 but just because was the new hope after the commodore close. a screenshot of my workbench in 1999

7. Have you ever been a member of an Amiga group and if so when and where?
A. I was in the Agiba (Amiga Group Italy Bari) in the Bari city south of Italy.

8. Did you have your most favourite played games on Amiga and what were/are they?
A. There are many, for sure I can say one is the Turrican saga, Toki, and all the bitmap brothers games.

9. Best Amiga system of all time for you?
A. Amiga 4000

10. Best Amiga game of all time for you?
A. Chaos Engine CD32 and Gods ... is really hard to choose

11. What are your thoughts about what happened to Commodore - Amiga?
A. God wanna umans have slow technology progress, Amiga was years ahead.

12. How do you feel towards AmigaOS4 and reincarnations like AmigaOne?
A. Is the only way for have Amiga spirit in 2017 and use it in every day use.

13. What do you make of the Amiga spin offs like MorphOS or AROS?
A. MorphOS is really optimized PPC OS is fast and fun, AROS is a funny OS for the one who don't have opportunity to buy NG machine and have x86-64 hardware.

14. What do you think about accelerators like the Vampire?
A. Really cool, want one 500V2 for my 500+.

15. What do you see as the future for Amiga or Amiga like OS?
A. Really difficult to say, over the years all predictions are wrong results.

16. Any further comments to make?
A. Only one... Amiga Rulez 4ever

Michael Holmes

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