Thursday 24 November 2016

Release of issues 1 to 13

Howdy All,

Damien, Phil and myself have managed to track down issues 1 to 13 of the Monthly Pages which I had thought to be long since lost.

I am in the process of copying and editing the magazines to be republished here with some new artwork to accompany the articles.

The editing mainly consist of taking out links to sites and section such as: Previously on Monthly Pages...

All the snippets in the documents relating to possible wallpaper artwork have also been taken out and a new tab will be created on the blog for wallpapers, that said if anyone would like to submit any wallpapers for Amiga use then please let me know.

I am hoping to have the re-release of issue 1 by the weekend.

Please keep in mind that issue 1 relates to hardware and software news articles from 2009.

Michael Holmes

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